Microscope Disinfection: A Quick Guide

#107 — Need to give your microscope a quick clean to get rid of some grime but unsure what cleaning agent to use? Have you had a nasty sample on there recently and need to disinfect it for the next user?

This episode gives you a quick guide to disinfecting your microscopes, including what solvents are safe to use and the parts you should tackle first.

Check out the corresponding article for helpful references. [1] To get a better understanding of the safety of your samples and other people's, read our introduction to safety datasheets. [2]

1. Microscope Disinfection: A Quick Guide. Available at: https://bitesizebio.com/47987/microscope-disinfection/
2. Deciphering your Materials Safety Data Sheet. Available at: https://bitesizebio.com/21848/deciphering-your-materials-safety-data-sheet/

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Microscope Disinfection: A Quick Guide