How to Handle Strong Acids in the Lab

#52 — Acids are ubiquitous in the lab. We use them for many tasks, such as pH-ing solutions, cleaning glassware, calibrating instruments, and dissolving analytes.

But they are extremely dangerous chemicals. It's imperative, therefore, that we handle strong acids safely. That is, prepare, use, use and dispose of them with minimal risk.

So, in this episode, we'll discuss how to handle common strong acids, such as hydrochloric and nitric acid. We'll also look at how to prepare astonishingly strong acids such as aqua regia and piranha solution—for those really stubborn stains.

Read the corresponding online article for handy bulleted instructions for handling strong acids in the lab. [1] Also, why not check out our articles on generating risk assessments, [2] and PPE to keep you safer in the lab? [3]

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How to Handle Strong Acids in the Lab