How Can We Make Science More Accessible?

#77  — Have you ever thought about accessibility in science? We don’t always present our science in ways that are accessible to everyone. Nor is lab-based science always accessible.

In this episode of Mentors At Your Benchside, we explore what accessibility is and highlight how we can all make science more accessible and inclusive.

Visit the original article for helpful resources and to revisit the key definitions. [1] Make your presentations more accessible using the color blindness simulator, [2] the accessible color pallets, [3] and the list of accessible fonts. [4]

1. Accessibility in Science: How Can We Make Science More Accessible? Available at:
2. Coblis —Color Blindness Simulator. Available at:
3. Coloring for Colorblindness: Color Palette. Available at:
4. My favorite free fonts for print disabilities. Available at:

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Dr. Laura Grassie
Dr. Laura Grassie
Content Creation Manager, Bitesize Bio
How Can We Make Science More Accessible?