Different DNA Polymerases Explained

#45 — Taq polymerase is a fantastic all-rounder for standard PCRs, but what do you do if you need something a bit more specialist? In this episode of Mentors At Your Benchside, we share the varying world of DNA polymerases. Whether you are looking for a powerful proofreader or need help amplifying long or GC-rich sequences, we know a polymerase that can help.

Visit the original article on DNA polymerases to get links to the enzymes listed in the episode. [1] Want more information on proofreading polymerases? Read our Short Primer On Proofreading Polymerases. [2]

Don’t need anything fancy in a Polymerase? Save money and learn how to make your own Taq or Pfu polymerases. [3] And for a glace into the polymerase past, read the original article about the isolation of Taq polymerase. [4]

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Dr Laura Grassie
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Different DNA Polymerases Explained